Revue de presse de l'EP Moonwise

Notre premier EP a connu un reçu de belles critiques ! Retrouvez en ligne tous les articles parus dans cette


Nous avions précédemment bénéficié de cette critique de sur notre premier single Antigravity :

MOONWISE are a French four piece – William Josh Beck, Samuel Husband, Maxime Aubouin and Guillaume Linay. They came together last year in Rennes (Brittany) and soon built up a reputation as a tough, feisty band via their regional gigs. 
 Moonwise have just released their first single – an uncompromising 'Antigravity' on the A side and an equally tough 'Still Dreaming' on the flip. Rocky and rough, the sounds aren't classic soul but if offers an honest approach and a diligent web search will lead you to it! 
Out now on Turn, Turn, Turn Records.